Craete a Windows XP/2003 bootable disk for Acer Aspire M1640


* nLite
* Best for NF4-6 WHQL driverpack for XP (32bit) v1.8(
* Windows XP/2K3 disc


1. Copy all contents of the Microsoft Windows XP/2K3 in a local drive (i.e. C:\tmp\os).
2. Extract the contents of the driver (Pre-req#2) in a local drive (i.e. C:\tmp\drv).
3. Run nLite and follow the images below:
4. Burn the .iso image into a blank disc.
5. Insert the finished disc into the Aspire drive and install the operating system. Voila!

I can burn it for you, there is $50 service charge 🙂 You need provide me a legit document proof you own an M1640, and this machine come with a legit Windows VISTA copy. M$ stuff or copyright attorney, don’t bother me, I just provide service, not selling Windows XP.

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